Improvement District Projects

FINAL-GOWUA-CIP-Report-2012-09-27-18Granite Oaks Water Usage Association Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. was recently commissioned by the Granite Oaks Water Users Association to develop a Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The scope of work included:

  • A review of records, plans and reports as required
  • An evaluation of system problems, and a statement of needs or other requirements,
  • The development of a list of maintenance projects and capital replacement and improvement projects
  • The prioritization of items on project list(s)
  • The preparation of recommended timelines for project items
  • The preparation of cost estimates for the items  identified
  • The preparation of a present worth/cost analysis for project items
  • The preparation of a  Capital Improvement Plan considering the above
  • The attendance of district board meeting(s) to review and discuss plan

ICRSD-MapInscription Canyon RanchSanitary District

Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. was recently commissioned by the Inscription Canyon Ranch Sanitary District to provide District Engineering services.This  includes upgrade recommendations for the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant to increase capacity and reduce operating costs. Other services for this project included preparation of a project budget for the recommended program, and an implementation timeline, while considering future plant expansion(s) and whether the improvements will require ADEQ approval.

Mayer Domestic Water Improvement District - 

The purpose of this project is to replace the existing infrastructure which was Antiquated and/or undersized and generally includes all water mains and services lines on the streets involved. This project also consists of adding isolation valves, air release valves, blow off valves, and fire hydrants to the water system.