Land Surveying


Our experience with land surveying includes the following: 

  • Boundary surveys,
  • PLSS Cadastral Surveys,
  • ALTA/ACSM land title surveys,
  • Topographic surveys,
  • Right-of-Way surveys,
  • GIS Spatial Analysis,
  • Aerial mapping control,
  • Construction staking,
  • Utility mapping,
  • FEMA elevation certificates.


We are responsible for land surveying on every project we are involved with. This usually includes an ALTA/ACSM land title survey during the initial due diligence and planning phase, platting and setting of corner monuments, then construction staking for mass grading, building layout, paving and concrete flatwork.


Miller Valley School
ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. has developed an ALTA/ACSM Land title survey for the historic school site in the center of the City of Prescott. It began with boundary resolution to develop a modern description for the subject property. Originally contracted by the Prescott Unified School District, GBE researched historic documents.

Constructed a boundary and developed a modern metes and bounds description for an area of the city that predates statehood. GBE is now developing the ALTA/NSPS survey with topographic mapping for a private developer that has plans to create a center for local commerce in this area while working to preserve its historical significance.



Perrin Ranch Wind Energy Project

Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. provided professional services on behalf of Nextera Energy Resources. The “Wind” energy center that is made-up of 81 GE 1.6 MW wind turbines located on 40,000 acres of ranch land is located approximately 20 miles north of Williams, Arizona.

GBE developed all documentation for Private and State Lease acquisitions and performed an ALTA survey for the entire project that covered the 40,000 acres. The effort included a cadastral land survey retracement of an area larger than two townships.

GBE developed construction exhibits for 40 miles of corridors using LiDAR imagery as a backdrop to provide the contractor an existing footprint to identify various topographic and cultural impacts.


Yavapai Ranch Wind Energy Project

Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. provided professional services for this on-call contract on behalf of Nextera Energy Resources. GBE is the principal surveyor for this “Solar under Wind” energy center made-up of 62 GE 1.6 MW wind turbines and 200 acres of PV solar panels located on 51,000 acres of ranch land approximately 15 miles south of Seligman, Arizona.

The Micrositing process included navigation to all turbine locations including 19 alternate locations. Preliminary investigation of corridors for access and collection systems is performed by physical navigation of accessible routes to the tops of the mesa’s where the turbine is located. GBE also developed CAD line work for proposed route changes as well as the inventory of all existing ranch water infrastructure facilities.






YCFCD On-Call Services

Working in an advisory role to the Yavapai County Flood Control District (YCFCD) as part of ongoing annual on-call contracts in excess of $20,000, GBE acts as lead surveyor in the performance of floodplain cross section surveys to determine impacts to individual private property owners.

GBE is also the surveyor in charge of District mapping and control densification for FEMA Map Modernization efforts to determine elevations for floodplain properties and geodetic spatial reference networks. GBE has expanded the original county control network that was established in the 1980’s to include most of the now developed portions of Yavapai County. Aerial mapping efforts have included over 500 square miles of Yavapai County.



Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. developed a Real Estate Summary Map (RESM) for Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma on behalf of Adams Architecture & Planning, Inc. and ManTech International Corporation.

GBE provided overall supervision of the boundary inventory portion for this assignment that included development of a RESM for the air base and all outlying properties managed by MCAS Yuma on behalf of the Unites States Department of Defense.

It included all research of Muniments and Public Records, tabulation of in-grant and out-grants and all graphic representation. Exhibit for the avigation limits/airspace easement for the base was developed to be used as a public information document.

A Record of Survey was developed for the Martinez Lake Recreation Area to resolve numerous discrepancies with the legal boundary and lease agreements originally issued by the Bureau of Land Management and currently managed by the State Land Department.

The living document database that was developed included active links between tabular data and the graphic map.


Willow Creek Road Realignment Project

Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. provided professional survey services as a partner with Dibble Engineering. We developed aerial photography for use in the engineering design, assisted in the development of a preliminary and final layout for the roadway corridor.

We coordinated all acquisition negotiations and documents with the land owners, and developed a full record of survey of all work performed. We also provided asbuilt survey services and that data was utilized by Dibble Engineering to develop the final asbuilts for the project.


Crossroads Solar Project

Granite Basin Engineering, Inc. provided professional services on behalf of Nextera Energy Resources and Solar Reserve in Gila Bend Arizona. The “Solar” energy center consists of 4000 acres of farm land north of Interstate 8 at the Painted Rock Dam Road Interchange.

GBE developed the ALTA/NSPS land title survey for the owner as part of their financing due diligence process. GBE utilized LiDAR imagery and aerial planimetric data for ground truthing of existing features. The Cadastral portion of this project was a retracement of the Maricopa County GDACS along with verification of existing PLSS survey work.




Chino Valley Center Street Improvements


GBE provided construction survey services for this 1 mile roadway rehabilitation project. The work consisted of layout of design plans for a rural roadway that was to receive an urban section including sidewalks and curb and gutter.

The project also included a connection to ADOT Highway 89 with modification to the signalized intersection. Perpetuation of existing utility features in order to preserve their location for post construction treatment was also a part of the scope of work.