Land Planning & Site Development

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” Alan Lakein 

GBE is able to provide land planning and development assistance for your project including but not limited to: due diligence, master planning, rezone applications and use permits, commercial and residential site planning, commercial and residential subdivisions, entitlement process assistance and public report assistance, grading and drainage design, mass grading analysis, retaining wall design and public infrastructure design



Touchmark at the Ranch

GBE is providing professional consulting services for this senior living project in the City of Prescott.

The project consists of 42 single-family, “Life Estate Lots”, a 9,800 square foot clubhouse, and a 4 story Assisted Living/Memory Care Facility. In conjunction with the project architect, LRS, GBE assisted in the master plan for the development and worked to secure the use permit by facilitating the public process.

The 27 acre site was subject to 160,000 cubic yards of earth work, complete infrastructure including all utilities, storm drain, private communication and interconnectivity lines, and all paving and hardscape. 







Yavapai Ranch

The Yavapai Ranch is an absolutely unique ranch located about 35 miles north of Prescott, Arizona. The Ranch lies almost entirely within the boundaries of the Prescott National Forest.

GBE is providing professional consulting services for this 51,000 acre ranch in the south of Seligman.  It is the last large parcel of checkerboard holdings in the National Forests in the Southwest, and the Forest Service may do a land exchange to obtain many of these in-holdings.

The Ranch crosses a variety of elevations as well as climatic zones and has the largest stand of ponderosa pine in private hands in the state.

GBE wrote the Planned Area Development agreement that allowed the subdivision to deviate from county standard in order to maintain the natural surroundings in this remote area.









Land Planning & Site Development
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